getting started with the Square integration in Copper

Welcome to the support hub for the Square integration. From here you can find setup instructions (below), learn how to use the app, FAQs and raise a support ticket.

square to copper

How to use the app

Learn how to use the app in your business to gain financial transparency and send invoices out the door, fast.

sync Customers

If you're already using the app, take the next step to sync customers and automate your invoice process workflow.

Need more help?

If you're having any difficulties, please rasie a support ticket and we'll get you up and running in no time.

Setting up the square integration

Connect the app for the first time

  1. Sign into your Copper account, and click ‘Settings.’
  2. Choose the ‘Integrations’ link.
  3. Locate the Square integration tile, and click ‘Connect’.

Install the app

  1. Choose the modules where you’d like to enable the app
  2. The app can only be positioned in the Related (Right Panel).
  3. Click ‘Connect’ to install the app in Copper.

Authorize the app

The next step is authorizing Copper to access your  Square data.

Head to a Copper Person record to proceed with the authorization.

Only admin roles will be able to see this step. By clicking on the Authorize Square button, you’ll be presented with the Square Authorization popup, where you need to login and allow permissions. 

Last Step!

If the authorization process was successful, you’ll be presented with a success message. 
At this point, you can head back to Copper where you should now see the ‘Get Started’ button. 

Once you hit the button, you’re good to go!

How else can we help you succeed?

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