Level-up your Copper instance to beat the competition

Building and growing your business isn’t just about the team around you, it’s also about the technology and processes you implement.

What best describes your goal?


three60 Assurance

Our team of certified Copper consultants, developers, and admins are well-experienced to maximize a return on your Copper CRM investment. We can help you cut through the noise and save you countless hours of setting up Copper in a way that works for your business


three60 Connect

The three60 Connect sync engine is purpose-built for Copper. Designed to break down data silos and allow teams to make informed decisions without leaving Copper. This is a white glove service where you sit back, whilst we do all the heavy lifting for you.

three60 Workflow

The three60 Workflow engine is designed to help you automate the mundane tasks that drain valuable time. Whether you're looking to put your communication on autopilot or you have something else in mind, this service will save you and your team hours per head.

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