Let us automate the mundane for your business

so you can ditch clunky spreadsheets, save time, boost efficiency and have a happier team


How much is the mundane costing your business?

You’ve integrated your systems and information is beginning to flow more freely in your business. But the manual, repetitive tasks are continuing to drain hours. You need to free the team from the mundane.

three60 Workflow helps you scale without the bottlenecks

three60 Workflow will help you eliminate manual tasks, errors and make sure your operational processes are accounted for and fully controllable. Understanding your business, processes, and people are our first priority. This is where we put our business hat on to live and breathe your business.

Then we create a blueprint to see where and how automation will deliver tangible business value.  Removing the manual tasks and reliance on spreadsheets is the goal, but only if it provides a tangible return. We’ll work in partnership to figure out what makes sense and how it will improve your business performance and productivity. 

What's three60 Workflow?

three60 Workflow is a blend of three60 Connect, Zapier, and Airtable. 

Workflow automation is delivered as a managed service. You’ll work directly with our certified Copper experts. The blue boxes below are us. You hardly need to lift a finger! 

how it works

A powerful done-for-you Copper workflow automation service is finally here.

How many hours would these pre-built three60 Workflows save your team?

Your contacts magically appear in Copper

Whether you only have a single web form on your site or multiple inbound channels, your contacts can find themselves in Copper automatically ready for your team to make contact. All form submissions are first checked and validated in three60's database before creating them in Copper. You have the choice of creating a lead, people, opportunity, or project.

Fully automate your outreach with Gmail

This three60 Workflow enables sending personalized emails from your Copper instance using Gmail. Emails are sent via templates from Gmail. Emails can be customized to include data from Copper, including URLs that link to documents or web pages. Emails can be sent on demand or embedded in other three60 Workflows. Example use cases: Sending proposals to prospects or sending project updates to customers

Manage calendar events without leaving Copper

This three60 Workflow supports creating and updating calendar events in Google Calendar based on date/time information from Copper. This feature can be useful in the following use cases: Show planned activities in a group calendar from Opportunities and Projects or schedule meetings from tasks and activities in the owner's calendar.

Create Google Docs on the fly from Copper

This three60 Workflow supports the creation of Google Docs with custom data from Copper. Fields from any entity in Copper can be collected and merged into a new document from a template. Typical use cases: Customer proposals, confirmations, status updates for clients or contracts.

Connect your Opportunties to Payments

This three60 Workflow connects order information from your web shop with payment information from a checkout in Stripe. If your website doesn’t have an in depth API integration with Stripe you can offer a simple checkout link to the users of your web shop. The problem is that using this simple feature is that there is no relationship between the order and the payment. This workflow connects the payment from Stripe to the Opportunity in Copper and notifies the Opportunity owner about the payment status.

happy clients enjoying hassle-free automation

Each of these clients were provided a sync that matched their exact needs and built to accommodate growth.

Affordable & flexible plans to suit all needs