three60 Assurance Plans

Our team of certified Copper consultants, developers and admins are well-experienced to maximize a return on your Copper CRM investment. We can help you cut through the noise and save you countless hours of setting up Copper in a way that works for your business. Plans are a one-time investment.



Get a professional blueprint of a Copper solution that will meet your specific CRM goals. You can then choose to implement the plan yourself knowing that you have the most optimum solution.

This step is recommended even if you've been with Copper for years

Discovery workshop(s) so we can become familiar with the business in order to scope a viable Copper solution

Documented blueprint of the solution for you to keep



Our team implements and customizes Copper on your behalf. You’ll have peace of mind that your CRM goals and objectives will be met with a professional implementation, saving you time.

Customizing Copper based on your personalized blueprint, which covers:

- Systems settings
- Custom fields
- Pipeline(s)
- Lead management (if applicable)
- Setup basic reporting
- Setup basic workflow automation
- Integration suggestions
- Automation suggestions


A white-glove onboarding experience. We take a deeper systematization approach to implementation. This will perfectly align Copper with your business and people. A tailored proposal is provided after a free discovery call. 

Option to include setup of Copper Projects to manage operational workflows with transparency

Option to Include recommendations of integrations and conditional-based workflow automation (customized to suit)

Option to include migration of legacy data into Copper

Option to include custom reporting

*The PRO plan is capped to a total of 12 hours consultancy time
Prices are in USD and don’t include taxes and fees where applicable. Plans are billed on a one-time basis.

Ready to get more from using Copper?