Let us help implement Copper for you

so you have the assurance your CRM is perfectly optimized for your business and people


How much is poor CRM adoption costing your business?

Investing in a CRM is certainly the most strategic software investment a business can make, but why do so many CRM implementations fail? 

Numerous studies show nearly half of all CRM implementations are considered a failure. The good news is you’ve made the right choice selecting Copper as the heartbeat to your business. But you may need some experienced guidance to achieve some quick wins so your team may actually use Copper because they want to.

three60 Assurance will get Copper working for your business & people

Our years as a strategic Copper partner combined with business process expertise will ensure you have a CRM fit for purpose. 

We make it our business to know your business before talking solutions. That means, deep-diving into your current challenges and defining your specific business goals.

That way, we as your partner, can formulate a Copper solution that your teams want to use.


You can choose the level of your personalized Copper onboarding

three60 Assurance packages are designed to be flexible to meet your needs. 

For the full white-glove experience, we’ll cover all the five steps below. This will deliver a well-executed Copper onboarding plan to benefit sales teams and the business as a whole. However, you may choose to only use this service for steps 1 and 2 and execute steps 3 – 5 internally. The choice is yours if you have the available resources at hand. For pricing plans, please visit this page.

1) Discovery

Here's your chance to let off some steam and share your challenges. In this step, our remit is to get to know you, the people, and your business in-depth. We then Identify goals and objectives that will help to focus your Copper implementation, guiding it towards success.

2) Blueprint

Based on the outcomes from our discovery, our plan is documented and will detail each action and step in your processes. This also includes a recommendation of integrations and workflow automation that will further streamline operations. The blueprint is yours to keep.

3) Customize

Once a plan is agreed upon, our team gets busy implementing your approved workflow in Copper. We'll cover all the systems settings, lead capturing, pipeline management, templates, custom fields, and other areas of interest. These customizations will tie into your goals which will influence how things need to be configured.


4) Migrate

Whether your historical data lives in spreadsheets or legacy systems, we'll take care of bringing existing relationships into Copper.

5) Adoption

This is a really important step and one that will be crucial to help with adoption from the team. We'll plan training sessions to bring teams up to speed and help them make friends with Copper over time.

Choose which plan works best for you