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making relationship building a team sport

Combine the sales intelligence and relationship management of Copper, with the marketing automation and communication of Mailchimp.

Campaigns created in Mailchimp instantly report back to Copper, guiding sales teams and making it possible to tie closed deals to the campaigns that created them. 

more power when you need

The LITE plan is free-forever. However, upgrading to the PRO plan will bring a new dimension to managing contacts using intelligent segments. 

Why bring your Mailchimp data in copper?

The number one challenge for marketing automation users is understanding the data integration between their MA and CRM—more than half consider this to be a major challenge.

This app solves this burning issue and puts your valuable Mailchimp information, front and center, In Copper.

Now your sales team can quickly figure out the right leads and customers to spend time with. Whilst marketing can tie campaigns back to revenue. 

Engagement Status Snapshot

Your sales team can focus on building relationships in Copper, while your marketing team can run campaigns through Mailchimp - giving your organization a three60 view of how your contacts are engaging.

Audience Management

Keep your Mailchimp Audience healthy right within Copper. The app easily lets you add or remove your Copper contacts to Mailchimp.

Lazer Guided Sales

Sales teams won’t waste time pursuing leads who aren’t yet ready to buy, and marketers can prevent warm leads from slipping through the cracks.

Common questions

Absolutely! The app will display if the contact is subscribed or unsubscribed from your Audience.   

The Audience Snapshot will provide metrics for the overall audience and let you drill-down to metrics on a member level. This is particularly useful if you want to have a gauge on how engaged your contact is in MailChimp.

Absolutely! You can add Copper Leads and People to a MailChimp Audience with one click. You also have the ability to remove an Audience member, right from Copper.

If you would like to save time by automatically creating and updating your Mailchimp Audience members from Copper without the manual headache, then this service is your answer. To find out more, click here.

The LITE plan is free-forever but there is a paid PRO version that offers a whole lot more. Click here to see pricing and compare the features. 

You’ll need a Copper Business plan for the Mailchimp app to work during the early access phase. After which, the app will be supported on Copper’s Professional plan.

Support is baked in without cost, from day one!

Have some burning questions that are not covered above? Get in touch with us so we can discuss your situation and see how we can help.

Looking for A hassle-free Sync Between Copper & Mailchimp?

Sync your Copper records To Mailchimp Audiences and back again, based on your custom criteria. Stop wasting time managing and maintaining your Mailchimp Audiences and ensure Copper is enriched with contacts, when you want, the way you need. This is a done-for-you service, without you lifting a finger or getting lost in Zapier.

Copper crm partner

Who are we? is a Copper Strategic Technology Partner.
Our combined expertise on both platforms means we can help you save time, become laser-guided with relationships and tie marketing back to revenue, without leaving Copper.