Experience the power of Copper + Mailchimp

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Make sales & marketing a team sport

Combine the sales intelligence and relationship management of Copper, with the marketing automation and communication of Mailchimp.

Campaigns created in Mailchimp instantly report back to Copper, guiding sales teams and making it possible to tie closed deals to the campaigns that created them.

Get started with the free Copper - Mailchimp integration

Install the native integration and enjoy new features designed to make your Mailchimp data actionable in Copper. 

Engagement Status Snapshot

Your sales team can focus on building relationships in Copper, while your marketing team can run campaigns through Mailchimp - giving your organization a three60 view of how your contacts are engaging.

Audience Management

Keep your Mailchimp Audience healthy right within Copper. The native integration easily lets you add or remove your Copper contacts to Mailchimp.

Lazer Guided Sales

Sales teams won’t waste time pursuing leads who aren’t yet ready to buy, and marketers can prevent warm leads from slipping through the cracks.

Need more power?

With the option of adding three60 Connect, you will bring the power of bidirectional syncing of your Copper and Mailchimp contacts, based on your custom criteria. This will save you a huge amount of time trying to maintain contacts whilst automating sales and marketing workflows. Read more about this below.


Power-up the free native Copper - Mailchimp integration

Automatically sync your Copper records to Mailchimp and back again, based on your custom criteria.

Stop wasting time managing and maintaining your Mailchimp audiences and ensure Copper is enriched with contacts when you want, the way you need. This is a done-for-you service!


See which plan works for you

Choose what best describes your Copper – Mailchimp sync goals or review the matrix below and see which plan is going to best suit your needs.


View Mailchimp activity within Leads & People records (sent, opened, clicked)

View Mailchimp status (subscribed, unsubscribed, bounced)

Manage Audiences by adding or unsubscribing Copper Leads or People

Default field mapping (email, first and last name)

View Mailchimp member statistics (star rating, click-through & open rate)

Sync default fields to to keep contacts in-check (email, first and last name)

Sync Mailchimp engagement activity into Copper's Activity Feed

Sync custom fields 2-ways to automatically segment contacts

Sync tags to automatically trigger actions (coming soon)





$249 setup fee



$499 setup fee

Prices are in USD and don’t include taxes and fees where applicable. Plans are billed annually, on a per instance basis (not per user).

Maximize your marketing budget and grow revenue with automation

Syncing Copper with Mailchimp centralizes sales and marketing data. But it also creates the bedrock to build workflow automation. This helps remove the manual tasks and activities teams need to do on a daily basis. Below are just examples of what you can achieve.   


Effortlessly nurture your leads

Sync records from Copper to Mailchimp when a new lead is created from a web form with a specific lead status. Then update the Mailchimp tag to kick-off an email sequence when a multi-select field option is selected in Copper.


Up sell to the right customers

Selecting options from a multi-select field in Copper can automatically trigger an email campaign in Mailchimp, then update tag when sequence is complete in Copper and Mailchimp.


Boost your lead conversion ration

Instantly create a new lead in Copper when a form is completed or a specific link has been clicked in a Mailchimp campaign. Then alert sales of the incoming hot lead along with engagement insights.

Common questions

Absolutely! The app will display if the contact is subscribed or unsubscribed from your Audience.   

The Audience Snapshot will provide metrics for the overall audience and let you drill-down to metrics on a member level. This is particularly useful if you want to have a gauge on how engaged your contact is in MailChimp.

Absolutely! You can add Copper Leads and People to a MailChimp Audience with one click. You also have the ability to remove an Audience member, right from Copper.

If you would like to save time by automatically creating and updating your Mailchimp Audience members from Copper without the manual headache, then this service is your answer. For pricing, click here.

The native integration is free-forever but there is an optional paid sync service that offers a whole lot more automation. 

You’ll need a Copper Business plan for the Mailchimp app to work during the early access phase. After which, the app will be supported on Copper’s Professional plan.

Support is baked in without cost, from day one!

Have some burning questions that are not covered above? Get in touch with us so we can discuss your situation and see how we can help.

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