three60 Connect Plans


Managed service plans to help you integrate your tech-stack with Copper. All plans include ongoing management and support.



Plus $249 one-time set up

We do everything for you!

Copper activity feed enrichment

Default field mapping (first name, last name, title, company, phone, address & email)

Online ticket support



Plus $499 one-time set up

Everything in LITE

Discovery workshop

Integration blueprint

Custom workflow (criteria to trigger sync)

Sync tags (if applicable)

Custom field mapping

Prices are in USD and don’t include taxes and fees where applicable. Plans are billed annually, on a per instance basis (not per user).

Questions we often get asked

What is a custom workflow ?

Finance, sales and marketing flow differs from company to company and we have a philosophy – one size doesn’t fit all!

Using a generic connector limits you to functionality and presents a complex myriad of connections to maintain. 

So, we work with you to drill-down on your specific workflow(s), then deeply-customize the integration to fit how your teams should work together.

Given our deep (code-level) integration techniques, you’re not limited to off-the-shelf functionality! 

To use a very basic example – you might want to sync a lead in Copper, only when it reaches a certain stage in your marketing funnel.

A workflow is only limited by your imagination!s

What is a Copper Module ?

Leads, People, Companies and Opportunities are modules (or record types) within Copper.

Some workflows require the need only to map to one module type but we can provide the ability to map to multiple modules within Copper.

For example, you might have a requirement to update People and Opportunities as one workflow. 

What do I have to do to get set up ?

Very little!

Simply tell us what you need and we’ll get to work!

First we capture your workflow and the fields you’d like to be synced on both platforms. We then go away and start putting the meat on the bones!

Once tested and tuned, we hand over and get you up and running. Support is included so no need to worry when APIs change or updates are needed.

How is this different from Zapier ?

Currently Zapier doesn’t offer a bi-directional sync, so merging records and dealing with individual field changes is going to be a challenge.

Most of the supported apps do not offer triggers for updated data points. This is a critical element of a two-way sync.

However, Zapier is superb as an automation platform but not really suitable for continuous data exchange between apps.

How is this different from Piesync ?

Piesync is a self-service platform. is a fully managed service with no effort required from the client. can also track opens and clicks of emails within campaigns, right inside your CRM’s activity feed.

Piesync doesn’t offer this crucial feature, as yet. 

Imagine if your sales team didn’t have to plead to the marketing department for a list of the hottest leads!

Imagine if they had access to email engagement and lead scoring, without even leaving the CRM.

Thanks to, that’s now all possible using one single integration platform!

Is the data updated instantly ?


We continuously monitor records and detect any changes.

Once a change is detected in either platform, the data update and reflected instantly.

Now your team can be laser-guided and super-timely!

Unlike other integration platforms which work on scheduled updates, we ensure data updates are instantly available. 

Would historical data be in sync ?


Once the sync is set up and ready to go, will match all existing records without hassle!

If your using using Zapier, this will not take into account historical records prior to Zaps being turned on. 

Is this a managed service ?

For sure!

You don’t have to do any complex mapping, field updates or any other heavy lifting!

Simply let us know which apps you’d like to be synced and mapped and we’ll take care of the rest.

Save yourself countless hours trying to figure things out and maintenance and leave the headache to us!

We make sure you have a robust solution that can scale with your needs and enable your sales outreach to be highly personalized at the right time.

Is the data secure ?

Yes, in short.

Your data simply flows through the engine.

We use authentication methods like Oauth. We do need to keep track of some identifying values of your data, like for example an email address.

But we encrypt this data to keep it safe and secure.

What's activity feed enrichment?

Super powers!

Copper’s activity is the heartbeat of collaboration when managing relationships.

Each relationship interaction is part of the activity feed and we bring valuable “activities” from other apps to enrich this feed.

This could be marketing engagement, finance updates, sales enablement touch points, and so on.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch – we’re a friendly bunch!

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