integrate with Copper CRM without lifting a finger

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Get A Three60 View Of Your Relationships In Copper CRM

three60 Connect is a purpose-built sync engine for Copper that removes the headache of moving data from your business apps to Copper. 

Information is useless if not shared, so arming your team with valuable insight in Copper with data stored in other systems is only going to help them strengthen conversations and build valuable relationships.

Whether sharing lead engagement activity from marketing automation platforms or bringing in your customer financial data, enriching Copper is the key to making teams and customers more happy.   

Just imagine – every time a record is updated in Copper, it’s instantly synced with other apps, and back again – eliminating mundane import and export tasks.

A powerful done-for-you way of connecting your platforms to Copper CRM is here.

How it works

From getting started to going live, you’ll have the peace of mind that everything is being taken care of for you.

Unlike the many self-service integration platforms out there, here you’ll work directly with Copper certified experts, who will ensure your sync delivers value from day one of going live.  The blue boxes below is us. You hardly need to lift a finger! 

how it works

A powerful done-for-you Copper integration is finally here.

Here’s two apps that we’ve helped our clients sync with Copper. Take a deeper dive to see the possibilities.

three60 connect square

three60 Connect - Square

Now that you’re using the Square App to get paid faster, take the next step and free up more time with customer syncing and workflow automation. three60 Connect for Square, will keep your customer data in sync between Copper and Square, automatically 24/7 – in real-time.

three60 connect mailchimp

Three60 Connect - MailChimp

Sync Copper records To Mailchimp Audiences and back again, based on your preferred criteria. Stop wasting time managing and maintaining your Mailchimp Audiences and ensure Copper is enriched with contacts, when you want, the way you need.

happy clients enjoying hassle-free syncing

Each of these clients were provided a sync that matched their exact needs and built to accommodate growth.

What are the benefits?