Let us connect your business apps to Copper

so you get a three60 view of your relationships without switching apps


Why integrate?

Information is useless if it’s not shared, causing huge bottlenecks and inefficiencies throughout the business. 

Unfortunately, this is a battle many businesses face today, where data is not centralized within the CRM. 

Left unattended, this can seriously harm a business that’s on a growth path.

three60 Connect helps to make Copper your source of truth

Connecting other systems to Copper is one of the savviest investments a business can make today. 

Joining the dots from your other business systems to Copper will enable a three60 view of your relationships, bring teams together, eliminate manual data entry and create a happier team. It also improves the customer experience and transforms your manual workflows. 

What's three60 Connect?

three60 Connect is an integration engine delivered as a managed service that simplifies the process of connecting systems. That means you can get there much faster, be more efficient, productive, and profitable.

As a managed integration service, it removes all the obstacles and burdens of moving data from one app to another. Beyond that, it also helps open the door to workflow automation once apps are connected with Copper. Instead of trying to figure out integration platforms yourself, you’ll work directly with our certified Copper experts. The blue boxes below are us. You hardly need to lift a finger! 

how it works

A powerful done-for-you Copper integration service is finally here.

Pre-built integrations that get you there faster

Three60 Connect - Mailchimp

Sync Copper records To Mailchimp Audiences and back again, based on your preferred criteria. Stop wasting time managing and maintaining your Mailchimp Audiences and ensure Copper is enriched with contacts when you want, the way you need.

three60 Connect - Square

Now that you’re using the Square App to get paid faster, take the next step and free up more time with customer syncing and workflow automation. three60 Connect for Square will keep your customer data in sync between Copper and Square, automatically 24/7 – in real-time.

happy clients enjoying hassle-free syncing

Each of these clients were provided a sync that matched their exact needs and built to accommodate growth.

Affordable & flexible plans to suit all needs