We help aspiring businesses solve growing pains to scale faster with Copper

We do this by removing the dependency on cumbersome spreadsheets and making sense of tangled software

You already live in Google Workspace so does Copper

This is what sets Copper apart from the plethora of CRMs. However, wouldn’t it be great to also effortlessly integrate your other business apps into Copper? 

Done right — your team would have a three60 view of relationships, whilst opening the door to workflow automation. You could finally ditch those clunky spreadsheets and have your teamwork uninterrupted. 

three60.io gets you there faster letting you get even more done in your inbox

Our team does all the heavy lifting for you. From customized onboarding, integrations to workflow automationWe can show you behind every successful business are finely-tuned systems, processes, and integrations that make things happen. It’s the boring stuff clients don’t see but they are central to delivering the kind of client experience that separates the good from the great. 

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Who are we and what can we help you achieve?

We’re a team of certified Copper consultants and developers that are well-experienced to maximize a return on your Copper CRM investment. We partnered with Copper since 2016 and can bring a wealth of Copper knowledge to help you get the most from Google’s recommended CRM. However, we’re not just about technology. Our real strength lies in solving business challenges using a blend of Google technology coupled with business empathy.


When businesses grow, so do processes and activities. Data begins to mass in separate buckets. Stitching with spreadsheets will no longer work. If this sounds familiar, three60 Connect will help solve this challenge by integrating Copper with your tech stack and save you time and expense of trying to figure things out.


You've integrated your systems and information is flowing. But manual, repetitive tasks are continuing to drain hours. You need to break the team free from the mundane. three60 Workflow will eliminate manual tasks, errors and make sure your operational processes are fully controllable.


Are shadow systems are still in play? New to Copper or not, chances are there are features you could leverage and even more options for customizing Copper to make sure the team starts loving their CRM. three60 Assurance will get you there with a systematized approach so you have peace of mind.

Free tools to help you get more done in Copper

You can start to use these integrations for free and they’re easy to set up. 

Once installed, your team has instant access to valuable relationship information, so they can be more productive.

mailchimp price plans


Combine the sales intelligence and relationship management of Copper, with the marketing automation and communication of Mailchimp.

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Simplify your invoicing, improve cash flow, provide flexible payment options and increase financial transparency – without leaving Copper

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