How Copper CRM Can Help You Get Paid Faster?

The two biggest challenges businesses face are forecasting cash-flow and getting paid on time. 

An over reliance on paper-based invoicing is a reason why these are a challenge, further exacerbated when sales and finance systems are disjointed.

Digital invoicing helps with the shortfalls of being paper-based, however we believe businesses can still suffer inadequacies if a robust and coherent infrastructure isn’t in place. We often speak to customers where data is entered manually into their CRM and invoicing system, even though the invoice has been sent digitally. 

Not only does manual data entry drain team time, but it can also hinder the payment process and therefore weaken the customer experience.

We believe not only a user-friendly system, but one that shares information automatically, takes away many challenges that businesses face on a day-to-day basis of getting paid on time.

Cash Is The Undisputed King

You may have a fantastic service and great team, but cash is always going to be the fuel that keeps the fire burning. 

If your business is still dealing with manual invoice processing, not only are you limiting payment options to your customers, but it is likely that you find it difficult to provide crucial visibility of payment statuses to your sales and accounts teams. 

Undoubtedly, this will hurt cash-flow and can therefore hamper your business’ success.

Using a seamless and flexible payment option is one main reason why a business can thrive.

Covid has forced all sectors to transform their customer buying journey, so digital invoicing combined with flexible payment processing is no longer a luxury, but crucial to survival. 

Step In Square Invoices

Square Invoices is a software platform built to save time and get you paid faster. If that’s not something you’ll love, this software is free from monthly fees, so you can manage your entire invoicing process, without the cost drain.

Teams can quickly send tracked invoices, and get a handle on payment status, all in real-time. 

The software also handles email reminders automatically, chasing your customer payments for you, freeing up valuable team time from mundane and repetitive tasks. 

Square Invoice also maintains cash flow over the lifetime of any invoice, you can schedule multiple payments for any invoice, so even your most complex, long-term jobs are covered.

square to copperWhy Integrate Copper CRM with Square?

Now imagine if this digital invoice processing power was provided to teams that have direct relationships with customers. Or, giving your finance department instant access to customer data without leaning on the sales team. 

Successful businesses have recognized the need to integrate, but this is no longer just confined to blue-chips with big tech budgets.

This is why is proud to bring you the first Square-approved CRM integration, arming your business with digital invoice processing inside Copper CRM, that’s super-simple to use and absolutely free. 

Available from Copper’s Integration Marketplace, once installed your team has a holistic view of the relationship history which will include financial information with the added dimension of being able to send invoices, from one single Copper view.

Now, even small businesses can have access to this valuable technology mix.  

Cash Is Unlocked Faster With Teamwork In Copper

Copper already helps you capture and organize your customer data with just a few clicks, but how many times does your team re-enter data, just to issue an invoice?  

It is widely accepted that selling is a team sport, especially for service based businesses where relationships are shared among different facets of the business. 

If your entire team were equipped, not only with financial information, but the ability to send invoices; just imagine what that can do to enhance your cash flow.   

Providing The Sales Team With Actionable Intelligence

Financial intelligence in Copper is the missing piece to laser-guide account management teams, when focusing time with their customers.

The Square App puts this information, front and center.

Those dragging their feet with payment(s), can be surfaced up on the radar much more efficiently.

Now flip that on the other side – customers who are consistently paying on time and show healthy revenue, perhaps should get the right love, more often.

Getting Invoices Out Faster Is The Order Of The Day

Seeing the status of an invoice is one thing, getting invoices out the door, accelerates cash flow. 

This functionality is open to the wider team as part of the Square App. Teams can quickly build and send invoices to their customers, without having to leave Copper. 

If finance needs to quality check invoices before issuing, the app allows for saving invoices in draft mode, ready for finance to perform checks in Square’s Dashboard. 

The cherry on the cake is offering the customer flexible payment options, thanks to Square’s payment processing.

That’s a big win for both sides!

Where Do You Go From Here?

It’s all theory until the point when you can see it in action.

The Square App for Copper CRM comes without cost, so there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage and start getting paid faster, when working in Copper.

Start here to book a free workshop and we’ll help you bring your payments and relationship management together – saving time whilst getting you paid faster.

As a bonus offer, all new Square accounts will have their first $1,000 processing waived for free.

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