information is useless if it’s not shared

Unclock data value with connectivity

Carve out a single-source-of-truth

why three60 connect?

Do you have the bandwidth to configure and maintain third-party connections using platforms such as Zapier or

Let’s face it, we’re living in a new era of doing things and all businesses, big and small, have to find ways to become nimble.

Integration is a sure-fire way to help improve the customer experience, make teams more efficient and boost productivity. However, building integrations, whether coding or leveraging integration tools is a complex and expensive exercise.

The three60 Connect service removes all the obstacles of moving data from one app to another. Beyond that, we also help by embedding workflow automation once apps are connected; fostering better business agility.

The difference between three60 Connect and self-serve integration tools, is we have a ‘do all’ service coupled with ongoing support that grows as your business needs develop. 

Now teams can collaborate without the mundane stuff getting in the way. Productivity is massively enhanced, giving way to increased revenue and sustainable growth.

So the real question is – why wouldn’t you join up the dots with Copper three60? platform

why connect & Harmonize teams?


— Prevent data leaks

Create a single source of truth within all your business apps


— Pin-point campaigns

Marketing becomes agile and seen as an investment 


— Consolidate metrics

Closed-loop reporting finally and marketing can see efforts paying off to revenue input


— Maximise spend

Identify which campaign/source is generating what revenue


— Focus sales teams

Help focus your sales team to be laser-guided with leads


— Visualise data

Quickly drill down on revenue by source, campaign, etc.

Do you need your app syncing with copper cRM?