square to copper

Square App

Connect your Square account with Copper using this powerful embedded app. All plans include support and ongoing maintenance.



Self-install embedded Copper app

Complimentary 60-minute Copper on-boarding session*

View Square Invoices summary within People, Company and Opportunity records

View and filter payment statuses including historical payments

Create an ad-hoc order/invoice and send directly to a Person record from Copper

To get started please sign-up for a free Copper trial and visit the Integrations page from the Settings menu, where you’ll find the Square Tile (powered by three60.io). Or view: Install the free Square App for full details.

*A complimentary on-boarding session is only available to new Copper CRM clients that have their billing with three60.io.
Prices are in USD and don’t include taxes and fees where applicable. Plans are billed annually, on a per instance basis (not per user).