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Self-install embedded Copper app

Complimentary 30-minute Copper pulse check

Save countless hours with our Copper <> Mailchimp 2-way sync plans that let you get more done without the manual headache. Compare the features and plans below. 

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View Mailchimp activity within Leads & People records (sent, opened, clicked)

View Mailchimp member status (subscribed, unsubscribed, bounced)

Manage multiple Audiences by adding or removing Copper records

Default field mapping (email, first and last name)

View Mailchimp member statistics (star rating, click-through & open rate)

Sync default fields 2-ways to automatically keep all your contacts in-check (one Mailchimp audience)

Sync to 3 Mailchimp Audiences

Sync custom fields 2-ways to automatically create order with your contacts with intelligent segments

Sync tags 2-ways to automatically trigger actions in both platforms (coming soon)

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