copper customer success to get you going

Nearly half of all CRM implementations fail to get off the ground. Our customer success service will ensure your Copper implementation is a resounding success.

we’ll help you get there faster

Copper helps you create an enduring business by providing the tools needed to build long-lasting relationships.

But, to get there you need to ensure your Copper implementation is one your team will actually want to use and fits your business workflows, rather than the other way around.

That’s where we come in! Our years of experience with Copper and wider systematization expertise, will empower your business to tap into the capabilities of Copper’s unique relationship building platform. 

Improve Your Customer Buying Experience

Our CSS will carefully remove the dependency on any cumbersome spreadsheets and make sense of the software tangle that runs your business.

We then help guide your team to adopt Copper to foster better collaboration and relationship building techniques. 

Your CRM Launch Goals

Identifying goals and objectives will help to focus your Copper implementation, guiding it towards success.

Solution Architecture

Once your objectives have been defined, our team gets to work by creating a solution that fits your business workflows.

Customize Copper

As soon as we mutually agree the best way forward, we get busy customizing your Copper instance, removing the heavy lifting from you and your team.

Team Adoption

This is where most CRM implementations fail! We'll work with your team to guide adoption in the best way.