custom copper apps is a Copper CRM embedded apps specialist and can help make your CRM actionable by feeding valuable data from your other business apps

Copper embedded apps

Embedded Apps easily allow you to display an integration within the Copper web app. Many businesses run on or with multiple software tools, Embedded apps lets you access another tools data or functionality within your Copper instance.

Leveraging the Copper SDK we are able to create custom applications that can be installed in the Copper instance, with the ability to interact with the Copper Lead, People, Company or Opportunity data the opportunities are endless.

Security and data privacy

We take security and privacy very seriously. We use the latest advanced authentication mechanisms such as OAuth2 and employ end to end encryption, making sure your data is kept private and secure. All of our Embedded apps are hosted in secure and trusted cloud containers maintained by the likes of Google and Amazon

Embedded apps are only limited to your imagination, here’s a few use cases that we’ve helped clients with

  • Enabled users to interact with their Square data. This Embedded App displayed invoice data for a given Lead, Person or Company record. In addition it also allowed the user to create an order and raise an invoice from with the Copper web app

  • Enabled users to interact with Mailchimp data. This Embedded App displayed Activity data for a given user within the Lead and People module. FUrthermore, the app provided the capability to move users into different lists without having to leave the Copper web app

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