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how we take copper to the next level

Our years of working with Copper will mean you get access to a team of seasoned certified Copper professionals, who can ensure your implementation is a success.

Custom 2-way Sync

Need your app syncing with Copper CRM? Let us remove all the pain of creating and managing your custom integrations so you can get on wowing your customers.

Custom Apps

Integrations are great, but a custom app is where the magic happens! Your data from third-party apps can bring a new dimension to relationship management so teams can be laser-guided.

Copper Apps

Get more done with less using our flexible MailChimp or Square Apps designed to make your data actionable.

Customer Success

Sometimes an experienced helping hand can get your there faster and more securely. We can help you with custom onboarding, ensuring Copper fits your business rather than the other way around. Change management and team adoption also play a part here.

Sync your app 2-ways with copper cRM

Successful businesses have recognized the need for making a CRM the single-source-of-truth, enabling better personalization and meaningful relationship management.  

However, this involves creating integrations and intelligent syncing with third party apps, which often becomes an expensive and complicated affair.

We solve this problem with three60 Connect. A sync engine built for Copper and designed to help achieve a powerful 2-way sync from your other business apps to Copper. 

This provides the three60 degree view of your relationships in Copper without switching apps and no need for tedious spreadsheets.  

Unlike other self-service integration tools out there, you won’t need to lift a finger; as we provide a ‘do all’ service to get you there faster, without the headache and wasted budget. 


powerful Apps that live in copper

We’ve crafted fully-functional embedded Copper apps designed to make your data from other apps, actionable within Copper.

Apps are low cost (or free!) and easy to set up, which you can do entirely yourself. 

Once installed, your team has instant access to valuable relationship information, so they can be more productive.

square to copper


Simplify your invoicing, improve cash-flow, provide flexible payment options and increase financial transparency – without leaving Copper

mailchimp price plans


Combine the sales intelligence and relationship management of Copper, with the marketing automation and communication of Mailchimp.

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